The Cronk Capacitor

Without a validated housing capacity model, land development code reforms might not add up to what we think they will.


A presentation slide from Fregonese Associates highlighting their model’s approach to defining potential housing development

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Regrets, we’ve seen a few

In the wake of an obvious mapping error, the CapMetro CEO dodges requests for data transparency and a public version control system.

project_connect_flipbook_riverside_hct_overviewAn overview of the East Riverside corridor, according to the latest Project Connect “flipbook”

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Paint Job

A zany map highlights Project Connect’s transparency problems.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 9.33.34 PM

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Joint Pain

We aspire to solve mobility challenges. We do not actually plan to do so.

Joint City Council & CMTA Board

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Moving Priorities

Making the good parts of the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan a reality before 2039.

ASMP cover

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Q & A with Stephanie Gharakhanian

Keep Austin Wonky interviews Stephanie Gharakhanian, candidate for Place 8 on the Austin Community College Board of Trustees.


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ART review

Early electric Autonomous Bus Rapid Transit (ART) models have exhibited progress on self-driving. There are no demonstrations of urban ART “platooning” or dynamic, real-time route-changing.

art_bus_communication_v2vTheoretically, vehicle-to-vehicle communication enables ART proximity at light-rail speeds, boosting the capacity ceiling for the mode.

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