SOS’s Colin Clark on WTP4

Colin Clark of Save our Springs has a new post up on at the EcoNetwork on WTP4.  He makes a lot of good point.  Here is an excerpt:

To put the $6.4 million in context, the entire proposed budget for water conservation is $6.68 million! Imagine how much water we could save and how much smarter and more efficient with water we could be if Council had allocated that $6.4 million to the water conservation budget instead of flushing money down the drain.

$6 million can buy thousands of low flush toilets for restaurants, schools, offices, and other businesses.

With an extra $6 million, the city could spread the watering schedule across town and encourage calls to 311 to report water waste.

With an additional $6 million, we could start a Pecan Street Project for water.

But instead the $6 million is going to a road builder and an engineering firm.

Check out the whole post.  For some skepticism on Austin Water’s conservation programs, check out this post by Austin Contrarian.

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