Austin Bulldog Bow Wow Wows on Privatizing Austin Energy

Over at the comments section of this piece at the Austin Post, Ken Martin provides some useful info:

Did Former Mayor Bruce Todd write this post? It sounds like him. In 1995, when he was mayor, he made a strong push to put the electric utility out for bids. Ultimately that initiative failed to garner enough council support. The city spent millions on consultants to make the utility more efficient. Today, Austin Energy is not only able to generate significant revenue for the general fund while keeping rates among the lowest in Texas, but for seven years has been the No. 1 seller of renewable energy in the country. While all this happened, the electric utility industry was restructured in Texas on the premise that investor-owned utilities would become more competitive and drive rates down. Instead, the rates have increased significantly. Oh, by the way, Todd also wanted to look at privatizing the airport. That never got off the ground, either. I covered all of these initiatives as the founding editor of the In Fact newsletter.

I wrote about this topic recently, defending the public power position. Make sure to sign up for Ken’s Austin Bulldog.  It sounds exciting.

And did anybody get the Cole Porter pun?

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