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Plan C

Getting back to the future on Austin’s transformative mode shift investment.

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Engagement Rearrangement

A set of proposals to improve the City of Austin’s community engagement routines.

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ASMP 2020

The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan should be the focus of next year’s City transportation bond, not (necessarily) Project Connect. Existing and envisioned mode share from the adopted Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

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Years or Fears?

A simple arithmetic error threatens the durability of Austin’s new land development code. Council Member Casar endorsing a 3x housing capacity multiplier

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Money Shift

Achieving a 50% sustainable commute mode share requires a boost in local transit operating funding sources and a focus on productivity-enhancing transit capital projects. A system-wide route productivity summary, courtesy of the Connections 2025 plan.

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The Cronk Capacitor

Without a validated housing capacity model, land development code reforms might not add up to what we think they will. A presentation slide from Fregonese Associates highlighting their model’s approach to defining potential housing development

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Regrets, we’ve seen a few

In the wake of an obvious mapping error, the CapMetro CEO dodges requests for data transparency and a public version control system. An overview of the East Riverside corridor, according to the latest Project Connect “flipbook”

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Paint Job

A zany map highlights Project Connect’s transparency problems.

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Joint Pain

We aspire to solve mobility challenges. We do not actually plan to do so.

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Moving Priorities

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