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Tovo Connection

A letter to Council Member Kathie Tovo about Connections 2025. The subsidy per passenger for current CapMetro services.

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Make Austin Roads Great Again

City Council’s mobility bond embraces futile road populism instead of much-needed mode shift. City Council’s mobility bond funds the corridor plan that will expand this section of FM 969 from four to six lanes. The design speed is 50 mph.

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Corridor Correction

How to turn the Mayor’s $720 million bond proposal into a political winner that actually helps improve mobility.

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Corridor Prospectus

Where the dollars get spent by each of the City of Austin’s Corridor Programs.

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Independent Majority

How this November’s mobility bond can help create a car-independent majority in Austin.

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Voter Guides for the 2016 Texas Primary

A list of voter guides for the 2016 Texas primary.

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Move People

How City Council can use the 2016 presidential election to enhance Austin’s mobility. Where the unsuccessful 2014 rail-and-roads bond referendum won and lost

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Q & A with James Nortey

Keep Austin Wonky interviews County Commissioner candidate James Nortey about his affordability plan.

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Q & A with Huey Rey Fischer

Keep Austin Wonky interviews Texas House candidate Huey Rey Fischer.

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Council Grades 2015

How did Council do this year? A review of their policy-making. Priorities word cloud from MAPA Summer survey

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