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There’s no free kicks

City-owned land should maximize resident happiness. The City of Austin’s Hancock Golf Course, located in central Austin. Image courtesy of Brandon Tucker. 

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City Bond 2018

My proposal for the City of Austin’s 2018 infrastructure bond.

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CodeNEXT Cake

A high-quality CodeNEXT result requires diligent measurement.

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Housing Target

Austin’s new housing plan restricts housing supply and puts units in the wrong places. Its recommendations will accelerate the carving out of Austin’s current middle-class residents.

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Cars Count

The “Go Big” mobility bond will increase the single-occupant vehicle share of Austin work commutes.

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Tovo Connection

A letter to Council Member Kathie Tovo about Connections 2025. The subsidy per passenger for current CapMetro services.

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Make Austin Roads Great Again

City Council’s mobility bond embraces futile road populism instead of much-needed mode shift. City Council’s mobility bond funds the corridor plan that will expand this section of FM 969 from four to six lanes. The design speed is 50 mph.

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