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Council Grades 2015

How did Council do this year? A review of their policy-making. Priorities word cloud from MAPA Summer survey

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Judging the Courthouse

The pros & cons of the proposed Civil & Family Courthouse.

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Hailing Van Eenoo – Part 2

The City’s Deputy CFO responds to my suggestions for improving budget presentations.

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Hailing Van Eenoo

My letter to the City’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer requesting changes to budget presentations. An example: this much-reported chart from the City budget office doesn’t include sales tax impacts.

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City Budget Day 2015

The most important policy themes going into the adoption of the new City budget. The City’s general fund spending has increased faster than resident income.

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Police Ratio

The proposed 2015-2016 City of Austin budget increases the number of sworn police officers per capita.

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Better Budget

A budget proposal that lowers new taxes while enhancing affordability and equity.

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Patrolling Police Spending

The study justifying substantial increases in Austin’s police staffing doesn’t present any evidence that its recommendations are the most effective way to reduce crime. Public safety has grown dramatically as a share of total City government spending. The shift happened between … Continue reading

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From the East to the West

Solving the involuntary displacement of East Austin’s long-term residents requires a new shared prosperity approach. Modernizing Austin’s housing development policies and increasing local affordable housing subsidies will ensure Central and West Austin do their fair share to meet regional housing … Continue reading

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Google Car Candidates

What’s cooler than artificial-intelligence-powered cars? A change in Austin politics that can reap their benefits. “I can drive myself around Austin. But I can’t register to vote.”

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