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Austin State of the City: Timid Retrenchment?

Image via Austin Leadership’s Flickr The Austin Chronicle got a hold of Mayor Leffingwell’s State of the City speech. My reaction: We’ve got a good Mayor, Council, and Manager.  The speech is a good set of policies and initiatives already … Continue reading

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City Council checklist for Austin Public Library’s new central building

I am a huge fan of the Austin Public Library.  I am constantly surprised at the breadth of its collection and the reach of its branches.  A new central building is being designed amidst a time of great upheaval in … Continue reading

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How to improve Austin’s public outreach and consultation process

This table tells you why we need to change Austin’s public outreach model.  But first, some context. Katherine Gregor of the Austin Chronicle delves into some of the dissatisfaction about the diversity of participants in the City’s comprehensive planning process.  … Continue reading

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The Lameness of “Transformative Investments”

Urban policy heavyweight Bruce Katz of Brookings has co-authored a paper with Julie Wagner about “Transformative Investments” that cities are undertaking.  What is a transformative investment?  Here’s how they describe it: This subset of urban investments share important characteristics: On … Continue reading

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