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The Limits of Occupancy Limits

This Thursday, the Austin City Council will be voting on lowering occupancy limits across the city from six unrelated individuals per house to four. If the measure succeeds, it should serve as a concise example of the basic confusion about … Continue reading

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Rental registration targets

Here’s a map of the areas covered in the Tovo ordinance’s pilot year. The Spelman version is focused on ‘repeat offenders’ anywhere they might be in the city.  Perhaps the majority of existing violations are included in the Tovo target … Continue reading

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More Rental Registration Realities

Chris Bradford made an important point in the comments of my earlier post on rental registration.  Both the Tovo and Spelman ordinances require the filing of a form to permit leasing of vacant units.  Because a registration may be revoked … Continue reading

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Rental registration realities

Austin’s City Council will be voting on adoption of a rental registration regime this week. Two reports by of the University of Texas Law School Community Development Clinic are the key documents driving the policy case in favor of rental registration. So, … Continue reading

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What Nobody Proved About Austin

This piece in the Texas Monthly has been making the social media circles.  It argues that – surprise! – Austin might be the state’s most segregated city. It’s so Slate-y in its counter-intuitive hypothesis, that I could just not resist … Continue reading

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