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All the Bright Moves

CapMetro’s Board should utilize transit ridership and transit mode share to evaluate the performance of CapMetro’s CEO.  Evaluation should focus on the public value created by the executive’s actions.

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Bus City Blues

CapMetro bus ridership has remained stagnant for over 15 years even as Austin experienced substantial population growth and bus spending significantly increased. Land use reform by the City and a service strategy shift at CapMetro can end the ridership stagnation era.

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Prop 1 in 1 minute

This FAQ provides a pro-transit, anti-Proposition 1 perspective. Here’s the extended version of this FAQ.

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A day late and a few thousand riders short

Earlier today, Project Connect released a methodology memo (PDF version) providing an overview of their approach to estimating ridership.  The memo raises three major concerns, which I describe below.

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Trophy, Hammer, Lottery, Transit

The proposed urban rail route’s operational costs are too high. This will undermine the overall transit system by slowing down frequency increases for productive bus routes; it could potentially also lead to outright future cuts to system coverage. The likelihood … Continue reading

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Rail Options

This week, the Project Connect staff and consultants are starting to put the finishing touches on their mode and alignment recommendation to the Mayor’s Central Corridor Advisory Group (CCAG).   CCAG will then stamp some version of that recommendation with its … Continue reading

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Preferences versus predictions

Dan Keshet slogged through the Project Connect (PC) data and found that if (1) West Campus is restored to the Lamar sub-corridor and (2) the future-focused criteria points are removed then Lamar and East Riverside achieve the highest scores. Tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Highland Score

The inclusion of the Highland sub-corridor in Project Connect’s (PC) initial recommendation to the Central Corridor Advisory Group (CCAG) made me curious about it. After examining the released data and documentation, it is clear that Highland’s score is the result … Continue reading

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Recommendation Reaction

Today, Project Connect recommended that East Riverside and Highland advance to the next phase of the Central Corridor study process. Is this a good recommendation?

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Sub-Corridor Selection Scoreboard

Last week, Project Connect (PC) held several community workshops to gather input on evaluation criteria and sub-corridor priorities. This is part of the public input process leading up to City Council selecting a ‘locally-preferred alternative’ for the initial sequence of … Continue reading

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