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Council Grades 2015

How did Council do this year? A review of their policy-making. Priorities word cloud from MAPA Summer survey

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Google Car Candidates

What’s cooler than artificial-intelligence-powered cars? A change in Austin politics that can reap their benefits. “I can drive myself around Austin. But I can’t register to vote.”

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MoPac, Mo Problems

Important changes are coming to MoPac. But they won’t help you safely get places faster. For real improvement, we need a shift away from car-centric, low-density policies.

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More than Four

Yesterday, Mayor Adler invited me to discuss transportation with the new Austin City Council. I encouraged Council to pursue policies that would increase Austin’s transit mode share from our current 4%.  Increasing the use of public transportation would help ameliorate … Continue reading

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The Longest Chart

CapMetro should release monthly ridership, financial, and performance data in an analysis-friendly format. Phoenix’s transit agency releases monthly ridership reports

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All the Bright Moves

CapMetro’s Board should utilize transit ridership and transit mode share to evaluate the performance of CapMetro’s CEO.  Evaluation should focus on the public value created by the executive’s actions.

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Bus City Blues

CapMetro bus ridership has remained stagnant for over 15 years even as Austin experienced substantial population growth and bus spending significantly increased. Land use reform by the City and a service strategy shift at CapMetro can end the ridership stagnation era.

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