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Kyle Keahey’s Golden Rail Memo

Kyle Keahey is a seasoned transit consultant charged with moving the urban rail process along.  Austinites for Urban Rail Action – a group I support – is hosting a chat with Mr. Keahey this Thursday.  I am sure attendees will … Continue reading

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From data theatre to data-driven

Austin’s policy deliberations often feature counterproductive uses of data. This practice – which I refer to as “data theatre” – aims to establish a veneer of credibility and objectivity for its purveyors by wrapping policy recommendations around charts, calculations, and … Continue reading

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A review of the Mayor’s 2013 State of the City speech

Mayor Leffingwell’s State of the City address featured several themes I found compelling; however, I was left wanting more policy specifics about our future direction. The Mayor embraced the concept of ‘public value’ by reiterating that wise policy must build … Continue reading

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City Council checklist for Austin Public Library’s new central building

I am a huge fan of the Austin Public Library.  I am constantly surprised at the breadth of its collection and the reach of its branches.  A new central building is being designed amidst a time of great upheaval in … Continue reading

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High-speed-rail fail

Image via Wired Magazine. From the Star-Telegram: As federal officials doled out billions of stimulus dollars last week to jump-start the nation’s high-speed-rail network, Texas picked up just a small piece of the pie.  The $3.75 million that the Lone … Continue reading

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Fare Enough

M1EK points us to a newish transit blog by Austinite Larry Schooler. Check it out.  I know Larry from college and he is very knowledgeable about public policy and a total mensch.  I am looking forward to his posts.

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Wonky, Wonky, Wonky

This is a blog about public policy in Austin, Texas.

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