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PowerSmack asks more of Austin Energy

The PowerSmack blog has two posts asking Austin Energy to jumpstart its lagging commitment to renewable energy.  Worth a read.  That said, I’d like to see their data adjusted for population/customer portfolio.  KAW readers already know that I find that … Continue reading

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Provide Feedback on Austin Energy’s top job

The City of Austin’s recruitment consultants are putting on a public meeting and here’s the scoop from the Public Information Office: With the announced retirement of Austin Energy’s General Manager Roger Duncan for later this spring, the City is seeking … Continue reading

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Austin Budget: Special Interests or Public Interest?

Over at the Austin Post, Marius argues that the growth in utility and police spending, along with animal vaccinations spending, is emblematic of a political culture where “Austin’s citizens right now are only heard as vocal minorities or quiet economic … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy is Unlikely to Force Grandma to Eat Catfood

The Austin-American Statesman published a story arguing that the push for more renewables in the source energy sold by Austin Energy (AE) is “partially” to blame for higher bills.  The story quotes advocates for the poor and elderly expressing concern … Continue reading

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More on Public Power

Marius provides a quality response to my defense of public power in Austin.  I respond in the comments.  Here is the substance of my response: 1. Transfers. Sure, we can include the transfers to the state, though in Marius’ original … Continue reading

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Austin Bulldog Bow Wow Wows on Privatizing Austin Energy

Over at the comments section of this piece at the Austin Post, Ken Martin provides some useful info: Did Former Mayor Bruce Todd write this post? It sounds like him. In 1995, when he was mayor, he made a strong … Continue reading

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Austin Should Keep a Public Energy Utility

Over at the Austin Post there are two great pieces on the budget by contributor Marius.  In one of them, Marius provides interesting evidence that  our police expenditure is not optimal for response times relative to peer cities.  In another, … Continue reading

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