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The Last Shots at the WTP4 Vote

As expected, WTP4 passed on a 4-3 vote.  Cole, Leffingwell, Martinez, and Shade voted yea.  Morrison, Spelman, and Riley voted nay.  It was a very civil and interesting discussion that mostly focused on risk management.   Concilmembers Spelman and Shade delivered … Continue reading

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Some Final Thoughts on WTP4

Big City Council vote on WTP4 this Thursday.  Here is my previous post from the WTP4 forum.  The post highlights outstanding issues on both sides of the argument. InFact Daily says that Shade is the going to be the swing … Continue reading

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Austin Budget: Special Interests or Public Interest?

Over at the Austin Post, Marius argues that the growth in utility and police spending, along with animal vaccinations spending, is emblematic of a political culture where “Austin’s citizens right now are only heard as vocal minorities or quiet economic … Continue reading

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Water Treatment Plant 4 Claims get a Zebra

The Chamber of Commerce is for.  They argue that without the plant, there will be risk of water service disruption.  They are also for additional water conservation and reclamation. The Statesman Editorial Board hedges its bets and argues for the … Continue reading

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