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LegalZoom or LegalDoom?

The City Council is trying to decide whether or not to provide relocation incentives to LegalZoom, an online legal form provider. Here are the deal details.  The City pays out $20,000 for ten years for a nominal total of $200,000.  … Continue reading

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Learning from the Dallas Crime Stat Quality Crisis

Grits for Breakfast points out that Dallas is still in hot water over the accuracy of their crime stats. An editorial in the Dallas Morning News gets at the fundamental problem: No doubt [Police Chief David] Kunkle had good intentions … Continue reading

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Really Need to Consider a Shift to Deliberative Polling and Citizen Juries

Katherine Gregor writes another excellent and detailed profile of Austin’s comprehensive planning process.   This quote by one of the members of the plan’s citizen advisers stuck out: The risk now is that the task force – rich in community activists … Continue reading

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Save to Win Austin?

Nudgeblog highlights the remarkably effective Save to Win! effort by community-focused financial service institutions in Michigan and makes a suggestion: With banks acting like lotteries, maybe it’s time for lotteries to act like banks. For people who can’t give up … Continue reading

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Austin State of the City: Timid Retrenchment?

Image via Austin Leadership’s Flickr The Austin Chronicle got a hold of Mayor Leffingwell’s State of the City speech. My reaction: We’ve got a good Mayor, Council, and Manager.  The speech is a good set of policies and initiatives already … Continue reading

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City Council checklist for Austin Public Library’s new central building

I am a huge fan of the Austin Public Library.  I am constantly surprised at the breadth of its collection and the reach of its branches.  A new central building is being designed amidst a time of great upheaval in … Continue reading

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We all want incentives

From the Statesman: It’s worth repeating that incentives that spend taxpayers’ dollars to attract companies to Austin are not always warranted or justified and should be granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. And whenever incentives are granted, there must … Continue reading

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