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Save to Win Austin?

Nudgeblog highlights the remarkably effective Save to Win! effort by community-focused financial service institutions in Michigan and makes a suggestion: With banks acting like lotteries, maybe it’s time for lotteries to act like banks. For people who can’t give up … Continue reading

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Austin State of the City: Timid Retrenchment?

Image via Austin Leadership’s Flickr The Austin Chronicle got a hold of Mayor Leffingwell’s State of the City speech. My reaction: We’ve got a good Mayor, Council, and Manager.  The speech is a good set of policies and initiatives already … Continue reading

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City Council checklist for Austin Public Library’s new central building

I am a huge fan of the Austin Public Library.  I am constantly surprised at the breadth of its collection and the reach of its branches.  A new central building is being designed amidst a time of great upheaval in … Continue reading

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We all want incentives

From the Statesman: It’s worth repeating that incentives that spend taxpayers’ dollars to attract companies to Austin are not always warranted or justified and should be granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. And whenever incentives are granted, there must … Continue reading

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Actually, Pretty Bad Poverty News for Austin

Yesterday, we looked at the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area’s inching up on median household incomes.  Today, the Statesman drills down on Austin-only data and finds a more mixed bag.  Most of the changes seem to be in the margin of … Continue reading

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Breaking: So, what happened with the WTP4 vote?

After a deluge of public testimony, the Austin City Council took a midnight vote on the motion to hire a construction manager for the first phase of WTP4. Council member Spelman made a motion to delay the vote two weeks … Continue reading

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Water Treatment Plant 4 Claims get a Zebra

The Chamber of Commerce is for.  They argue that without the plant, there will be risk of water service disruption.  They are also for additional water conservation and reclamation. The Statesman Editorial Board hedges its bets and argues for the … Continue reading

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Problems with Peak Demand Justification for WTP4

At yesterday’s City Council meeting, Greg Meszaros presented a wide variety of information including a graph titled “Projected Peak Day Demand” as part of the Water Treatment Plan No.4 presentation. This graph appeared to get a significant amount of the … Continue reading

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Ideas for Improving Capital Metro Oversight

This long-brewing dissatisfaction is probably what inspired Austin’s State Senator Kirk Watson to sponsor a bill that changes the criteria for appointment to the Cap Metro board. The bill was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor.  Among … Continue reading

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