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The Austin City Council is poised to make a decision on urban rail’s route based on incomplete data.  At the heart of this predicament is a 2010 document entitled the “Central Austin Transit Study” (CATS).  This document makes a set … Continue reading

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Three choices not two

The City Council voted today to place an 8 single-member district and 2 at-large option on the November ballot.  This is in addition to the 10 single-member/’Independent’ re-districting commission/various other implementationalia plan that Austinites for Geographic Representation (AGR) petitioned onto … Continue reading

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Austin Affordability: What Matters?

The discussion around Austin’s ‘affordability’ was perhaps the most interesting policy theme from the recent municipal election. Unfortunately, the discussion seemed to focus on economic development subsidies.  These subsidies – while they might contribute to reducing Austin’s affordability in some … Continue reading

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Austin’s homicide rate spike

The Statesman recently highlighted an increase in homicides from 22 in ’09 to 37 in ’10.  While the piece provided a compelling visualization with the long-term count of homicides in Austin, it did not provide data that adjusted for the … Continue reading

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Some Final Thoughts on WTP4

Big City Council vote on WTP4 this Thursday.  Here is my previous post from the WTP4 forum.  The post highlights outstanding issues on both sides of the argument. InFact Daily says that Shade is the going to be the swing … Continue reading

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Problems with Peak Demand Justification for WTP4

At yesterday’s City Council meeting, Greg Meszaros presented a wide variety of information including a graph titled “Projected Peak Day Demand” as part of the Water Treatment Plan No.4 presentation. This graph appeared to get a significant amount of the … Continue reading

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