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Ann Kitchen on TexHealth Central Texas

Former State Representative Ann Kitchen stopped by Keep Austin Wonky and left a detailed comment in a previous post about the TexHealth program.  I think the information is useful, so I am elevating it from comments into its own post.   … Continue reading

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Investing in Capacity Building

Over at Social Velocity, Nell Edgington raises a good point: I met with a nonprofit Development Director earlier this month who has had a really hard time convincing their CEO and board to let them spend money on a donor … Continue reading

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Co-ops in the spotlight

Like almost all progressive-leaning wonks, I am fascinated by creative ways that collective resources are pooled (i.e. through taxation) to solve market failures. I recently wrote about the Travis County Healthcare District’s funding of a new health insurance plan, and … Continue reading

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TexHealth…Local Government as Social Venture Fund?

TexHealth Central Texas is a new non-profit healthcare plan that bills itself as “low-cost healthcare coverage your business can afford.”  The plan focuses on business under 50 employees and aims to ensure 2500 people over the next three years.  The … Continue reading

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