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The Cronk Capacitor

Without a validated housing capacity model, land development code reforms might not add up to what we think they will. A presentation slide from Fregonese Associates highlighting their model’s approach to defining potential housing development

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City Bond 2018

My proposal for the City of Austin’s 2018 infrastructure bond.

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Housing Target

Austin’s new housing plan restricts housing supply and puts units in the wrong places. Its recommendations will accelerate the carving out of Austin’s current middle-class residents.

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Council Grades 2015

How did Council do this year? A review of their policy-making. Priorities word cloud from MAPA Summer survey

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From the East to the West

Solving the involuntary displacement of East Austin’s long-term residents requires a new shared prosperity approach. Modernizing Austin’s housing development policies and increasing local affordable housing subsidies will ensure Central and West Austin do their fair share to meet regional housing … Continue reading

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The Problem with Austin NIMBYnomics

One of the more exasperating aspects of debating Austin’s housing supply is the confused economic assumptions of Austin NIMBYnomics. Specifically, there is a troubling blindspot about the economic reasoning that guides the humans that build and refurbish housing. Often, developers … Continue reading

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The Limits of Occupancy Limits

This Thursday, the Austin City Council will be voting on lowering occupancy limits across the city from six unrelated individuals per house to four. If the measure succeeds, it should serve as a concise example of the basic confusion about … Continue reading

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