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Council Grades 2015

How did Council do this year? A review of their policy-making. Priorities word cloud from MAPA Summer survey

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Police Ratio

The proposed 2015-2016 City of Austin budget increases the number of sworn police officers per capita.

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Patrolling Police Spending

The study justifying substantial¬†increases in Austin’s police staffing doesn’t present any evidence that its recommendations are the most effective way to reduce crime. Public safety has grown dramatically as a share of total City government spending. The shift happened between … Continue reading

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Austin’s homicide rate spike

The Statesman recently highlighted an increase in homicides from 22 in ’09 to 37 in ’10.¬† While the piece provided a compelling visualization with the long-term count of homicides in Austin, it did not provide data that adjusted for the … Continue reading

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Learning from the Dallas Crime Stat Quality Crisis

Grits for Breakfast points out that Dallas is still in hot water over the accuracy of their crime stats. An editorial in the Dallas Morning News gets at the fundamental problem: No doubt [Police Chief David] Kunkle had good intentions … Continue reading

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