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Engagement Rearrangement

A set of proposals to improve the City of Austin’s community engagement routines.

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Quantity & Quality

Improving Austin government’s public engagement process requires procedures and tools that separate the two major goals of citizen input: uncovering insightful information and assessing political support.  As long as engagement routines mix both goals together, sub-optimal engagement is likely.

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Preliminary thoughts on the preliminary map

Here’s the preliminary map that might rule us all (in Austin): Below are some preliminary thoughts on the implications of the map.

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The troubled IRC’s real lesson

Austin’s City Auditor sent out a blunt press release sounding the alarm that the Independent Redistricting Commission’s (IRC) applicant pool is just way too white given Austin’s demographics.  An additional subtext is that very few people have applied.  Perhaps these … Continue reading

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Towards Ending Austin’s ‘Meetingopoly’

[Originally posted at Burnt Orange Report on 1/21/13] This past November Austinites replenished our municipal democratic practices by shifting towards geographic districts and moving elections from May to November.  However, much work remains to be done to ensure that city … Continue reading

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The Austin Cut is not the deepest

This story by Brandon Roberts in the Austin Cut examines the policy substance tied up in the competing city council election designs at a much higher granularity than previous media coverage. It was a good effort and the author clearly … Continue reading

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A meme is worth a thousand words

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