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More on Austin Public Library’s design

David Walker from Austin’s co-working innovators at Conjuctured provided an interesting response in the comments to my post about the new main APL library.  I wanted to highlight his ideas as I think they are insightful about the direction of … Continue reading

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Save to Win Austin?

Nudgeblog highlights the remarkably effective Save to Win! effort by community-focused financial service institutions in Michigan and makes a suggestion: With banks acting like lotteries, maybe it’s time for lotteries to act like banks. For people who can’t give up … Continue reading

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City Council checklist for Austin Public Library’s new central building

I am a huge fan of the Austin Public Library.  I am constantly surprised at the breadth of its collection and the reach of its branches.  A new central building is being designed amidst a time of great upheaval in … Continue reading

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How to improve Austin’s public outreach and consultation process

This table tells you why we need to change Austin’s public outreach model.  But first, some context. Katherine Gregor of the Austin Chronicle delves into some of the dissatisfaction about the diversity of participants in the City’s comprehensive planning process.  … Continue reading

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Is there a point to the Mayor’s Community Cabinet?

Mayor Leffingwell appointed a new community cabinet. The membership is: Russell Bridges: Government and Community Affairs Manager, 3M Corp. Paul Carrozza: Owner, Run-Tex. Perla Cavazos: Former legislative aide, Texas State Senate. Raymond Chan: engineer, Raymond Chan & Associates. Danette Chimenti: … Continue reading

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Marc Ott: Comment Tease

Marc Ott’s City Manager Update has a new…uhh, update.  It’s about a getting a Preserve America designation.  Good news. Yay. Big fan of the City Manager. But the feelings of pride and goodness melt as soon as we get to … Continue reading

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Marc Ott wants our thoughts. But his blog won’t share them.

Our City Manager has a blog.  Great idea, right? Well, just keep reading. In his latest post, he discusses pool closings, as well as the possible closing of Barton Springs.  At the end, he indicates that he is “looking forward … Continue reading

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Taxing Environmental Externalities

The folks over at Greater Greater Washington make the wise point that instead of exclusively taxing good things, we should tax bad things; specifically, environmental externalities.   The list includes 13 ideas focused on reducing waste and auto emissions.  Something for … Continue reading

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