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Better Billion

November’s urban rail and road package aims to “do something” as Austin clamors for transportation solutions. Sadly, as blog readers know, the proposal will not be effective at reducing congestion or promoting car-independence. It will, however, exhaust our reserves of … Continue reading

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The Last Shots at the WTP4 Vote

As expected, WTP4 passed on a 4-3 vote.  Cole, Leffingwell, Martinez, and Shade voted yea.  Morrison, Spelman, and Riley voted nay.  It was a very civil and interesting discussion that mostly focused on risk management.   Concilmembers Spelman and Shade delivered … Continue reading

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Some Final Thoughts on WTP4

Big City Council vote on WTP4 this Thursday.  Here is my previous post from the WTP4 forum.  The post highlights outstanding issues on both sides of the argument. InFact Daily says that Shade is the going to be the swing … Continue reading

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WTP4mania!!! Who won the big WTP4 debate?

There were hundreds of people at Palmer Center’s freezing Exhibit Hall No.2 on Thursday night, all waiting for a bigtime policy rumble between proponents and opponents of WTP4’s existing development schedule. Let’s look at the highlights… Demand Projection Stephen Coonan … Continue reading

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American Water is Cheap

An interesting article on how China is raising prices to encourage water conservation.  A graph included with the piece points out the remarkable cheapness of American water.

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Laying Down the Law on the WTP4 Cacophony

Over at his newish blog, Jonathan Law politely points out that WTP4 opponents, conservationists and I are sort of full of it.  He writes: Unfortunately, opponents of this plan have chosen a convenient sticking point – the statistical methods employed … Continue reading

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Interpreting the Plummer Water Demand Estimate

Austin Contrarian was kind enough to point out the location of Austin Water’s demand estimate memo amidst a set of responses Council members Spelman and Morrison received from the utility. The memo – which was composed in 2006, includes Excel … Continue reading

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Regression and WTP4

Austin Contrarian was kind enough to post this video of Council Member Morrison talking about regression to determine water demand in the future.  I had mentioned this moment in a previous post.  This moment is great.  We need our public … Continue reading

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SOS’s Colin Clark on WTP4

Colin Clark of Save our Springs has a new post up on at the EcoNetwork on WTP4.  He makes a lot of good point.  Here is an excerpt: To put the $6.4 million in context, the entire proposed budget for … Continue reading

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Breaking: So, what happened with the WTP4 vote?

After a deluge of public testimony, the Austin City Council took a midnight vote on the motion to hire a construction manager for the first phase of WTP4. Council member Spelman made a motion to delay the vote two weeks … Continue reading

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